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Abstract #4523

Fat Suppressed FSE Pelvic MR Imaging with Two New FSE Based Dixon Pulse Sequences: A Comparison of IDEAL FSE and FSE Triple Echo Dixon

Russell Norman Low1,2, Neeraj Panchal1,2

1Sharp and Children's MRI Center, San Diego, CA, USA; 2San Diego Imaging Medical Group, San Diego, CA, USA

We review our initial clinical experience with two new Dixon-based FSE sequences for fat suppressed pelvic MRI. Traditional fat-suppressed FSE imaging is often degraded by artifacts caused by magnetic field inhomogeneities. The large FOV required for pelvic imaging can exacerbate these artifacts. IDEAL FSE and Fast Spin Echo Triple Dixon (FTED) are two new sequences which generate fat-only and water-only images insensitive to magnetic field inhomogeneities. We explore the use of IDEAL FSE and FTED for pelvic MRI and compare them to conventional fat suppressed FRFSE T2-weighted imaging for image quality, homogeneity of fat suppression, artifacts, and lesion detection.