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Abstract #4533

Comparison of Black Blood and Bright Blood Cardiac MR Imaging by Prospective- And Retrospective wireless Gating Methods for Evaluation of Mouse Heart Function at 9.4T

Sandra Margaretha Bovens1,2, Bernard C. te Boekhorst1, Meike van den Berk1, Kees W. van de Kolk1, Arno Nauerth3, Niels Gadellaa1, Marcel G. Nederhoff1,2, Gerard Pasterkamp1, Michiel ten Hove1, Cees J. van Echteld4

1Cardiology, University Medical Center Utrecht, Utrecht, Netherlands; 2InterUniversity Cardiology Institute of the Netherlands, Utrecht, Netherlands; 3Bruker Biospin MRI GmbH, Germany; 4Novartis Institutes for BioMedical Research, Basel, Switzerland

CMR is often used in mice, for the determination of cardiac function. We introduced a fast, multislice black blood approach with a wireless retrospective gating method. The CNR of retrospective gating methods are higher than the prospective methods. There are no significant differences between the bright- and black blood methods, or the prospective and retrospective methods. The introduced wireless multislice black blood method is fast and the SNR is comparable to that of bright blood methods. The inter-observer variability decreases, thus showing a fast, reliable wireless alternative for the determination of cardiac function with a black blood sequence.