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Abstract #4545

A Multi-Spectral Three-Dimensional Acquisition Technique for Imaging Near Metal Implants

Kevin M. Koch1, John E. Lorbiecki1, R Scott Hinks1, Kevin F. King1

1Applied Science Laboratory, GE Healthcare, Waukesha, WI, USA

Metallic implants used in bone and joint arthroplasty induce severe spatial perturbations to the B0 magnetic field used for high-field clinical magnetic resonance. These perturbations distort slice-selection and frequency encoding processes applied in conventional two-dimensional techniques and hinder the diagnosis of complications from arthroplasty. Here, a method is presented whereby multiple three-dimensional fast-spin-echo images are collected at offset RF transmission and reception frequencies. It is demonstrated that this technique can be used to generate a composite image that is devoid of slice-plane distortion and possesses greatly reduced distortions in the readout direction, even in the immediate vicinity of metallic implants.