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Abstract #4570

Accelerated Acquisition and Reconstruction of Non-CPMG Fast Spin Echo Sequences

Ken-Pin Hwang1,2, Patrick Le Roux1, Xiaoli Zhao3, Zhiqiang Li3

1Applied Science Laboratory, GE Healthcare, Waukesha, WI, USA; 2Department of Imaging Physics, University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, Houston, TX, USA; 3MR Engineering, GE Healthcare, Waukesha, WI, USA

Non-CPMG FSE produces a stable echo train in the presence of phase variations at the beginning of the train, but creates two signal families that must both be fully acquired for recombination. A close examination of the signals suggest that they are related by a slowly varying function that can be estimated with just the low order portion of k-space. This forms the basis for a new method for accelerating non-CPMG acquisitions by eliminating artifacts that occur with single encoding of non-CPMG data. The technique is demonstrated for both Cartesian single shot FSE and multishot PROPELLER applications.