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Abstract #4620

Respiratory Navigation Scheme for Free-Breathing 3D SPGR Liver Imaging: Technical Feasibility

Anja C.S. Brau1, Yuji Iwadate2, Ersin Bayram3, Phillip M. Young4, Shreyas Vasanawala4, Robert J. Herfkens4

1Applied Science Lab, GE Heathcare, Menlo Park, CA, USA; 2Applied Science Lab, GE Healthcare, Hino, Japan; 3GE Healthcare, Waukesha, WI, USA; 4Department of Radiology, Stanford University Medical Center, Palo Alto, CA, USA

Breath-held 3D dynamic contrast-enhanced gradient echo imaging is an important component of abdominal MR exams. However, for patients who cannot breath-hold, motion artifacts can compromise diagnostic utility. Thus a respiratory-navigated acquisition is desirable; however, a navigated acquisition should remain sufficiently fast to capture contrast dynamics and minimize the impact on image contrast. In this work, we present the preliminary technical feasibility of a respiratory navigation scheme applied to a conventional fat-suppressed 3D SPGR sequence as well as to a 3D chemical species-based water-fat separation sequence.