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Abstract #4629

Free Breathing Black-Blood Systolic Imaging Using Heart Rate Prediction and Motion Compensated Reconstruction

Maelene Lohezic1,2, Brice Fernandez1,2, Julien Oster2,3, Damien Mandry2,4, Olivier Pietquin3,5, Pierre-Andre Vuissoz2,3, Jacques Felblinger2,3

1Global Applied Science Lab., GE Healthcare, Nancy, France; 2IADI, Nancy-Universit, Nancy, France; 3U947, INSERM, Nancy, France; 4CHU de Nancy, Nancy, France; 5IMS Research Group, SUPELEC-Metz Campus, Metz, France

High resolution black-blood systolic imaging is difficult to obtain due to long acquisition time incompatible with breath hold and to preparation time needed. A new method allowing free breathing black-blood systolic imaging is presented and validated on five healthy volunteers. It combines RR interval prediction, respiratory motion estimation and motion compensated reconstruction. The proposed method showed improvements when compared to the average of 3 free breathing acquisitions and to breath-hold images. Results have been obtained on 256x256 acquisitions. They can be extended to higher resolutions, allowing accurate examination of heart structures, even right ventricle wall or papillary muscles.