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Abstract #4637

A General Method for Correction of Intensity Inhomogeniety in Two Point Dixon Imaging

Ola Friman1, Olof Dahlqvst Leinhard2,3, Peter Lundberg2,3, Magnus Borga3,4

1MeVis Research, Bremen, Germany; 2Department of Medicine and Health, Linkping University, Linkping, Sweden; 3Center for Medical Image Science and Visualization (CMIV), Linkping University, Linkping, Sweden; 4Department of Biomedical Engineering, Linkping University, Linkping, Sweden

Two point Dixon imaging can be used for quantitative fat estimation. However, field inhomogeneities pose a problem that needs to be corrected for before quantitative measurements can be obtained. We present a general framework for field inhomogeneitiy correction by fitting a set of smooth 3D spatial basis functions to voxels with high fat content. By choosing the number of basis functions, the smoothness constraint of the field can be controlled. The method is evaluated by measuring the FWHM of the fat peak in histograms for different number of basis functions. It is also compared to a previous method with good results.