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Abstract #4652

PARAMAP: An Automated Imaging Analysis Tool for Quantitative CEST Molecular Imaging: Validation in Vitro

Julien Flament1, Benjamin Marty1, Sbastien Mriaux1, Julien Valette1, Christelle Medina2, Caroline Robic2, Marc Port2, Franck Lethimonnier1, Fawzi Boumezbeur1

1NeuroSpin, I2BM, Commissariat l'Energie Atomique, Gif-sur-Yvette, France; 2Research Division, Guerbet, Roissy-Charles de Gaulle, France

CEST agents are promising new contrast agents for MR molecular imaging. Yet, their susceptibility to parameters such as B0 or B1 is a real issue to achieve truly quantitative CEST imaging. In this study, we acquired B0 and B1 maps along with the CEST on and off-resonance images to generate quantitative CEST maps using a home-made imaging analysis software called PARAMAP. PARAMAP is based on the numerical simulation of the Bloch equations modified for chemical exchange incorporating B0 and B1 dependencies. The efficiency of our analysis tool was verified in vitro.