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Abstract #4721

3D Dynamic Contrast-Enhanced Using Undersampled Golden-Radial Phase Encoding

Claudia Prieto1, Sergio Uribe1, Reza Razavi1, David Atkinson2, Philipp Beerbaum1, Tobias Schaeffter1

1Division of Imaging Sciences, King's College London, London, UK; 2Centre for Medical Imaging Computing, University College of London, London, UK

A new acquisition and reconstruction strategy for 3D isotropic DCE-MRI has been proposed. The proposed method is based in a new undersampled dynamic acquisition which combines a 3D radial phase encoding trajectory with the golden angle profile order, providing explicit regularization for iterative reconstructions. The main advantages of this approach are: (i) it allows retrospective reconstructions with different temporal resolutions, (ii) it does not require bolus track previous scan and (iii) it reduces strike artefacts and noise in comparison with the non-explicit regularized reconstructions. The method was tested, using a 32-channel coil and iterative SENSE reconstructions, in phantoms and patients.