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Abstract #4727

Multi Arm Archimedean Coil for High Field MRI

Sofia Sanchez1, Silvia Sandra Hidalgo1, Sergio Enrique Solis1, Mario Rosas1, Alfredo Odon Rodriguez1

1CI3M, UAM Iztapalapa, Mexico, City, Mexico

Spiral coils have been used for various MRI applications as single-channel coils and array coils. Archimedes introduced a special type of spiral consisting of two arms or more. The Archimedean spiral geometry has not been studied for MRI applications according to the literature reported. Computer simulations of the magnetic field for different Archimedean spiral coil configurations were computed using a Finite Element Method. For comparison, the magnetic field of circular-shaped coil with similar dimensions was also performed. Archimedean coils showed higher magnetic field intensity than the popular circular coil at 300 MHz.