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Abstract #4734

A High Throughput 8 Channel Mouse Probehead for 9.4 T

Titus Lanz1, Matthias Mller1, Hannah Barnes2, Jrgen E. Schneider2

1RND, Rapid Biomedical, Rimpar, Germany; 2Cardiovascular Medicine, University of Oxford, Oxford, UK

Rodent MRI is well established but still puts substantial demands on combining highly sophisticated experimental setups with careful animal handling. Rodents, in particular disease models, may be very sensitive to the anaesthetic burden, and, therefore, minimal scan time is essential. In this work we present an 8 channel 9.4 T mouse probehead optimized for high throughput providing simple and speedy positioning and connecting up. The total setup time for the probehead including positioning and wiring is reduced to below 1 min. Probehead and animal can be handled completely independently.