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Abstract #4736

An Array RF Coil for Rabbit Thoracic Arteries Imaging at 200MHz

Raimo PJ Joensuu1

1AstraZeneca, Molndal, Sweden

A 4-channel array coil for rabbits thoracic arteries imaging at 4.7T has been constructed. The coil elements were made of a semi-rigid coaxial cable where the outer shield constitutes the receiver loop. In the Tx mode the center conductor is coupled to the circuit which changes the total inductance and detunes the coil. l/4 cables are used to transmit the signal to the preamplifier and they also to transmit Tx/Rx control current to PIN-diodes. The l/4 cables are covered with a resistive coating to curb sheet currents and Tx radiation scattering. Very good shielding from external disturbances has been demonstrated.