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Abstract #4757

Slotted End-Ring Volume Coil for Small Animal Magnetic Resonance Imaging at 7T

Oscar Rene Marrufo1, Sergio Enrique Solis1, Silvia Sandra Hidalgo1, Alfredo O. Rodriguez1

1CI3M, UAM Iztapalapa, Mexico, City, Mexico

A volume coil based on the high frequency cavity resonator is presented in this paper for whole-body MRI of rodents at 7 Tesla. This coil design has been previously tested on phantoms at 170 MHz (4T for protons) with standard spin echo sequences. The encouraging results obtained motivated us to develop a whole-body coil for rodents for higher field Magnetic Resonance Imaging. This coil design operates in the transceiver mode and was designed for small biological samples. Phantom data showed a performance improvement over the birdcage coil. Body rat images were acquired proving its viability for high field MRI applications.