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Abstract #4759

Alternating Impedance Element for 7T Multi-Channel Transceive Coil

Can Akgun1, Lance DelaBarre1, Carl J. Snyder1, Jinfeng Tian1, Anand Gopinath2, Kamil Ugurbil1, John Thomas Vaughan1

1University of Minnesota-Center for Magnetic Resonance Research, Minneapolis, MN, USA; 2Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Minnesota-Twin Cities, Minneapolis, MN

The development and advancement of multi-channel transceiver coils has provided a means for signal transmission and reception at high magnetic fields. In these arrays, microstrip lines have been successfully implemented as magnetic field propagating elements. However, in-homogeneities at high fields demand the further development of these coils. To flatten the B1+ field along z-direction, a multi-section alternating impedance microstrip circuit is investigated. Imaging and simulation results obtained with these coils at 7T for phantoms and in the head are presented.