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Abstract #4762

An 8-Channel Rat-Body Array Coil for Transceive at 9.4T

Martin Tabbert1, Daniela Schinko1, Johannes Schneider1, Peter Ullmann1, Hans Post1, Sven Junge1

1Bruker BioSpin MRI GmbH, Ettlingen, Germany

This work discusses the development of a novel 8 channel array-coil for Transmit-SENSE applications at 9.4 T, which is optimized for investigations on rats. Every coil is decoupled from four neighbour coils by using geometrical or transformer decoupling. The remaining three coils are decoupled from their geometrical arrangement. For the measurements, an 8-channel TX/RX-switch was used. The results of accelerated imaging techniques show images without limitations of artefacts up to an acceleration factor of 3. Together with a multi-channel MRI-system, parallel transmission including PEX is possible. This allows undersampling and shortening of the k-space trajectory. Individual pulse shapes for each TX coil element are selectable.