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Abstract #0052

On the Reduction of the Transmit B1 Non-Uniformity and SAR Using a Single-Element Rotating RF Coil

Feng Liu1, Ewald Weber1, Adnan Trakic1, Hua Wang1, Stuart Crozier1

1The School of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering, The University of Queensland, Brisbane, St.Lucia, Queensland, Australia

In this work, we presented a complete technological solution for tailoring uniform RF fields and minimizing tissue heating for high field MRI. The success of the new B1 shimming technique is largely facilitated by a mechanically rotating RF coil (RRFC) configuration. The proposed method is explained with a biologically loaded, one-element rotating coil operating at 400 MHz. The coil is modelled using the method of moment (MoM) and tissue-equivalent sphere phantom is loaded and modelled using the Greens function method. A sensitivity matrix is constructed based on the pre-characterized B1 and electric field profiles of a large number of angular positions around the imaged phantom, an optimization procedure is then employed for the determination of optimal driving configuration by solving the ill-posed linear system equation. Test simulations show that, compared with conventional bird-cage mode driving scheme, the proposed excitation scheme is capable of significant improvement of the B1 -field homogeneity and reduction of the local and global SAR values. This primary study indicates that the proposed RF excitation technology can effectively perform field-tailoring and might hold the potential of solving the high frequency RF problem.