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Abstract #0062

Localization of Subdural Electrodes on MRI Cortical Surface Images for Evaluation of Epilepsy Patients

Boklye Kim1, Jack Parent1, Oren Sagher1, Karen Kluin1, Charles R. Meyer1

1University of MIchigan, Ann Arbor, MI, United States

Presurgical evaluation of surgical treatment of epilepsy patients often requires implantation of subdural grid electrodes on the cortex. The exact locations of implanted electrodes are essential to evaluate cortical lesions related to seizure onsets and delineate eloquent brain areas. The process requires registration via multi-modality image warping and correction of post-craniotomy brain deformation. The loss of CSF fluid the presence of epidural or subdural hematoma from open craniotomy cause brain shifts. This work presents an mapping of electrodes from post-implant CT data to pre- or post surgery MRI by intermodality image warping to determine accurate positions involved in electrocortical stimulation.