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Abstract #0066

5-Point, Ultra-Short TE, 3D Radial Phase Contrast: Improved Characterization of Complex and Turbulent Flow

Kevin M . Johnson1

1Medical Physics, University of Wisconsin - Madison, Madison, WI, United States

The accuracy of PC MR is deteriorated by flow features common to pathology such as acceleration, unstable flow, and turbulence. Recently, ultra short TE 2D radial sequences have been shown to provide more reliable through plane flow measurements than standard PC. Meanwhile, investigators have utilized conventional 3D PC sequences for the measurement of turbulence kinetic energy using signal losses. In this work, we investigate a synergistic combination of ultra-short TE 3D radial trajectories and a 5-point velocity encoding scheme for improvements in both the velocity measurement accuracy and estimation of intra-voxel standard deviations utilized for turbulence mapping