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Abstract #0081

Steer-PROP: A GRASE-PROPELLER Sequence with Inter-Echo Steering Gradient Pulses

Girish Srinivasan1,2, Novena Rangwala1,2, Xiaohong Joe Zhou1,3

1Center for Magnetic Resonance Research, University of Illinois Medical Center, Chicago, IL, United States; 2Department of Bioengineering, University of Illinois at Chicago, Chicago, IL, United States; 3Departments of Radiology, Neurosurgery and Bioengineering, University of Illinois Medical Center, Chicago, IL, United States

PROPELLER imaging has increasingly been used in motion-sensitive applications such as long anatomic scans and diffusion imaging. EPI-PROPELLER provides short scan times but is susceptible to off-resonance artifacts, producing distorted images. FSE-based PROPELLER, on the other hand, offers excellent immunity against off-resonance artifacts at the expense of acquisition efficiency. We propose a new PROPELLER sequence - Steer-PROP - which mediates the problems in EPI- and FSE-PROPELLER. This sequence has reduced the scan time by at least 3 times as compared to FSE-PROPELLER and avoided the off-resonance artifacts in EPI sequences. Steer-PROP also provides a natural mechanism to effectively address a long-standing phase correction problem.