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Abstract #0138

Magnetization Transfer (MT) Segmentation of Foot Peripheral Nerves at 3 T.

Giulio Gambarota1, Bndicte Mortamet2, Nicolas Chevrey3, Cristina Granziera4, Gunnar Krueger2, Nicolas Theumann3, Ralf Mekle3

1GlaxoSmithKline Clinical Imaging Center, London, United Kingdom; 2Healthcare Sector IM&WS S, Siemens Schweiz AG, Renens, Switzerland; 3Radiology, University of Lausanne, Lausanne, Switzerland; 4Neurology, Geneva University Hospital, Geneva, Switzerland

The ability of tracking peripheral nerves in foot could be of great benefit for a number of investigations, which include traumas, diabetes and infections. Previous approaches to nerve tracking have employed diffusion tensor imaging DTI. One limitation of DTI is the low signal-to-noise ratio due to short T2 (~30ms at 3T) of water protons in nerves. Here, we propose a novel approach to nerve tracking, which exploits the difference in MT ratio between muscle and foot nerves.