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Abstract #0159

Validation of Software Assisted Small Bowel Motility Analysis

Michael A. Patak1, Stephan Raible2, Zsolt Szuecs-Farkas1, Roger Cattin2, Hanspeter Bouquet3, Urs Bill3, Jonas Steinhauser1, Peter Vock1, Johannes M. Froehlich1

1Institute of Diagnostic, Interventional and Pediatric Radiology, Inselspital, University Hospital, Bern, BE, Switzerland; 2Virtual Perception Group, University of Applied Sciences, Bern, BE, Switzerland; 3Sohard AG, Bern, Switzerland

MR analysis of small bowel motility is a new technique to identify and localize functional pathologies. A newly developed software prototype permitting semi-automatic measurement was evaluated in comparison to measurement by hand. 52patients, overall 110evaluations were included. Overall 97/110(88.2%) of the motility curves were in agreement with each other with 86/110(78.2%) presenting a parallel shifting of the curves. No significant difference(p=0.65) was found for the peristaltic frequencies, while the amplitudes differed significantly(p=0.011). The newly developed software prototype for quantification of small bowel peristalsis proves as a valuable tool for fast, standardized and accurate measurement of small bowel motility.