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Abstract #0164

Diffusion Tensor Imaging at 7 Tesla as a Probe of Uterine Fibroid Morphology

Michael Jonathan Thrippleton1, Kirsty Irene Munro1, Mark E. Bastin2, Maurits A. Jansen2, Gavin D. Merrifield2, Scott I K Semple3, Anca Oniscu1, Andrew W. Horne1, Alistair R. Williams1, Graham McKillop4, Ian Marshall2, David E. Newby, 3,5, Hilary OD Critchley1

1Centre for Reproductive Biology, University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh, Lothian, United Kingdom; 2Department of Medical Physics, University of Edinburgh; 3Clinical Research Imaging Centre, University of Edinburgh; 4Department of Radiology, Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh; 5Centre for Cardiovascular Science, University of Edinburgh

We are developing MR biomarkers for assessing the mechanism and effectiveness of new medical treatments for uterine fibroids benign growths of uterine muscle, present in up to 70% of women of reproductive age. In this abstract, we describe the results of development work aimed at probing the water diffusion properties of the ex-vivo fibroid uterus at 7 T; we measure the water diffusion parameters of fibroid tissue subtypes and compare diffusion eigenvector maps with macroscopic tissue appearance.