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Abstract #0180

Calibration of the Amplitude of FMRI Contrast (β) Using Fractional Volume of Gray Matter: The Spatial and Inter-Subject β Calibrations

Wanyong Shin1, Hong Gu1, Qihong Zou1, Pradeep Kurup1, Yihong Yang1

1Neuroimaging Research Branch, National Institute on Drug Abuse, National Institutes of Health, Baltimore, MD, United States

The amplitude of BOLD contrast during brain activation (commonly called β) is widely used in fMRI study to monitor the neuronal activity. However, it is observed that β varies substantially over subjects, which is referred as inter-subject β variation. In this study, we propose a new calibrated fMRI method based on fractional volume of gray matter measurement using FRASIER method in which the spatial β variations and the inter-subject β variations are calibrated, and we show that the statistical power is significantly improved after the calibration in an fMRI study with a visual task.