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Abstract #0224

Portable MRI Magnets and Spinning Micro-Detectors

Dimitrios Sakellariou1, Cdric Hugon1, Alan Wong1, Pedro Aguiar1, Guy Aubert2, Jacques-Franois Jacquinot3

1DSM/IRAMIS/LSDRM/SIS2M, CEA - Saclay, Gif-sur-Yvette, Essone, France; 2DSM / IRFU / Neurospin, CEA - Saclay; 3DSM / IRAMIS / SPEC, CEA - Saclay

The message of my presentation is that permanent magnet engineering together with ideas from solid-state NMR can give place to innovation in medical Magnetic Resonance. We demonstrate a new strategy to develop portable MRI magnets and show the first example of a high uniformity one-sided system. We also use spinning micro-detectors as a means to achieve high resolution microscopy by magic angle sample spinning in the stray field of a magnet. Ideas on magic angle field spinning will be the common denominator for these projects. Ideas and preliminary instrumentation will be presented.