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Abstract #0243

RF Field Profiling Through Element Design for High Field Volume Coils

Can Akgun1, Lance DelaBarre1, Carl J. Snyder1, Gregor Adriany1, Anand Gopinath2, Kamil Ugurbil1, John Thomas Vaughan1

1University of Minnesota-Center for Magnetic Resonance Research, Minneapolis, MN, United States; 2University of Minnesota-Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Minneapolis, MN

Multi-channel volume coils can be comprised of an array of transmission line elements operated as independent coils in multiple-channel transmit and receive configurations. In these designs, microstrip transmission elements have been implemented as magnetic field propagating elements. However, at high fields, RF in-homogeneities and inefficiencies require the optimization of these elements. In this study, two different microstrip designs with varying impedance lines; one producing peak B1+ in the center and the other extending usable B1+ along the coil are investigated. Simulation and image results for 8-channel volume coils incorporating these element designs were obtained using a phantom at 7T.