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Abstract #0294

Variation of ADC with Cell Cycle Phases: A Study Using Synchronized HL-60 Cells

Junzhong Xu1, Jingping Xie1, Jerome Jourquin2, Daniel C. Colvin1, Mark D. Does1, Vito Quaranta2, John C. Gore1

1Institute of Imaging Science, Vanderbilt University, Nashville, TN, United States; 2Cancer Biology, Vanderbilt University, Nashville, TN, United States

Proliferating tumors usually contain a much higher fraction of cells in active cell division phases, so for a full understanding of the diffusion properties of tumors it is necessary to understand the changes that occur in cells in different phases. Here we report how oscillating gradient spin echo (OGSE) methods detect intracellular changes of synchronized HL-60 cells at different phases, while conventional pulsed gradient spin echo (PGSE) methods cannot distinguish changes at sub-cellular dimensions due to relatively long diffusion times. This feature means OGSE methods may provide extra contrast for detecting cancer.