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Abstract #0323

Spectroscopy of the Human Prostate at 3 Tesla Using Surface Coil: Age-Related Changes

Jan Weis1, Antonina Bergman1, Francisco Ortiz-Nieto1, Mikael Hggman2, Hkan Ahlstrm1

1Dept. of Radiology, Uppsala University Hospital, Uppsala, Sweden; 2Dept. of Urology, Uppsala University Hospital, Uppsala, Sweden

Single-voxel spectroscopy and 2D spectroscopic imaging of the prostate at 3 T was performed using standard surface coil. Spectra of 53 healthy volunteers were processed using customized LCModel. It was found that metabolite-to-citrate spectral intensity ratios were significantly lower in older individuals than in younger. Our results demonstrate that the prostate spectroscopy at 3 T is feasible using surface coil. LCModel provides a high level of accuracy for analysis of prostate spectra. Our results indicate that each 1H MRS study of the human prostate should include age-matched controls.