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Abstract #0326

Accurate and Precise Measurement of Renal Filtration and Vascular Parameters Using DCE-MRI and a 3-Compartment Model.

Paul S. Tofts1, Marica Cutajar1,2, Iosif Mendichovszky3, Isky Gordon2

1Imaging Physics, Brighton & Sussex Medical School, Brighton, East Sussex, United Kingdom; 2Radiology and Physics, UCL Institute of Child Health, London, United Kingdom; 3University of Manchester, Manchester, United Kingdom

The precision and accuracy of a recent compartmental model of renal DCE-MRI is investigated. Precision is assessed by repeated examination of 15 normal volunteers; accuracy is assessed by comparison with published values (where available). Local filtration (Ktrans) is reproducible (instrumental sd 15%) and accurate (0.25 min-1), giving GFR 115 mL min-1. Mean Transit Time (5.9 s) is reproducible (sd 6%) and a candidate biomarker. Blood flow is reproducible to 12%, although absolute values are high. Filtration fraction is more reproducible (8%) although lower than published values. Normal kidney volume was measured as 214 mL/1.73m2.