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Abstract #0425

Thin-Film Catheter-Based RF Detector System

Richard R. Syms1, Ian R. Young2, Munir M. Ahmad3, Marc Rea4

1EEE Dept., Imperial College London, London, Middlesex, United Kingdom; 2EEE Dept., Imperial College London, London, United Kingdom; 3EEE Dept., Imperial College London, United Kingdom; 4Radiology Dept., Imperial College NHS Trust

Procedures such as biliary endoscopy require imaging modalities such as MRI if soft tissue contrast is to be improved. Local signal detection is then required to achieve adequate signal-to-noise ratio at high resolution. Small RF detector coils have been integrated with catheter probes, but the reliable combination of a coil, tuning and matching capacitors and an output cable is difficult in the limited available space. Here we demonstrate a catheter-based detector entirely formed from thin-film components, fabricated by double-sided patterning of copper-clad polyimide to form a resonant detector with integrated tuning and matching capacitors and a thin-film interconnect.