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Abstract #0446

Independent Spinal Cord Atrophy Measures Correlate to Motor and Sensory Deficits in Individuals with Spinal Cord Injury

Henrik Lundell1,2, Dorothy Barthelemy2, Arnold Skimminge1, Fin Biering-Srensen3, Jens Bo Nielsen2

1Danish Research Centre for Magnetic Resonance, Copenhagen University Hospital Hvidovre, Hvidovre, Denmark; 2Department of Excercise and Sport Sciences & Department of Neuroscience and Pharmacology, University of Copenhagen, Copenhagen, Denmark; 3Clinic for Spinal Cord Injuries, Rigshospitalet and University of Copenhagen, Copenhagen, Denmark

MRI can effectively detect lesions on the spinal cord but it has been difficult to find sensitive markers for specific functional deficits. Spinal cord atrophy due to loss of white matter can be measured as the transversal area at a given level of the spinal cord distal to the focal lesion and correlations to global functional scores has been observed in different pathologies. We suggest a simple but robust method to extract more specific and functionally relevant parameters and show independent correlations to motor and sensory deficits in individuals with spinal cord injury.