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Abstract #0458

Uptake of a Fibrin-Targeted Contrast Agent Could Direct Therapy Following Deep Vein Thrombosis

Marcelo E. Andia1, Prakash Saha2, Andrea J. Wiethoff1, Ulrike Blume1, Tobias Schaeffter1, Alberto Smith2, Rene M. Botnar1

1Division of Imaging Sciences, Kings College London, London, United Kingdom; 2Academic Department of Surgery, Cardiovascular Division, Kings College London, London, United Kingdom

The in vivo evaluation of the stage of organization or resolution of venous thrombosis could lead the medical treatment decision in venous thrombosis diseases. In this work we show that the use of EP-2104R, a fibrin specific contrast agent could give valuable information of the stage of thrombus resolution in an in vivo animal model.