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Abstract #0544

Fast MR Parameter Mapping Using K-T PCA

Frederike Hermi Petzschner1,2, Irene Paola Garcia Ponce3, Martin Blaimer4, Peter M. Jakob3, Felix A. Breuer4

1Ludwig-Maximilians University, Institute of Clinical Neurosciences, Munich, Bavaria, Germany; 2Bernstein Center for Computational Neurosciences, Munich, Germany, Germany; 3University of Wrzburg, Experimental Physics 5, Germany; 4Research Center Magnetic Resonance Bavaria, Germany

In this work, k-t PCA is demonstrated to be a promising acceleration technique for MR relaxation measurements, since the dynamics along the relaxation curve can be described by only a small number of principal components. In-vivo IR-TrueFISP experiments for quantitative T1, T2 & M0 parameter mapping acquired with up to 8-fold acceleration by using the k-t PCA concept are presented.