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Abstract #0582

Integrating High Spatial-Resolution, 3D Whole-Heart Viability Imaging and Coronary MRA at 3Tesla

Qi Yang1, Kuncheng Li1, Xiaoming Bi2, Jing An3, Heng Ma1, Feng Huang4, Renate Jerecic3, Debiao Li5

1Radiology, Xuanwu Hospital,Capital Medical University, Beijing, China; 2Siemens Medical Solutions; 3Siemens Healthcare, MR Collaboration NE Asia; 4Invivo Corporation; 5Radiology, Northwestern University, Chicago, IL, United States

Previous contrast-enhanced whole-heart coronary MRA(CMRA) studies at 3.0T have shown high sensitivity and moderate specificity for the detection of stenosis in patients suspected of coronary artery disease (CAD). However, a major advantage of 3.0T contrast-enhanced CMRA is the potential to combine lumenographic information and associated myocardial viability in the same setting. The feasibility of integrating high spatial-resolution, 3D whole-heart viability imaging and coronary MRA at 3 Tesla has been evaluated in volunteer studies. No clinical results using this technique at 3T were available so far.