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Correlation of Atherosclerotic Plaque Compositions in Coronary and Carotid Arteries

Qian Zhao1, Xihai Zhao2, Jianming Cai3, Feiyu Li2, Jianli Yang1, Chun Yuan2, Zulong Cai3

1Radiology, The General Hospital of Beijing Military Area Command of Peoples Liberation Army, Beijing, China; 2Radiology, University of Washington, WA, Seattle, United States; 3Radiology, The General Hospital of Chinese PLA, Beijing, China

Atherosclerosis has been shown to be a systematic disease which often involves multiple arterial vascular beds. Recently, a number of studies demonstrated that there is a significant correlation between coronary and carotid atherosclerosis. This study sought to evaluate the association between coronary and carotid plaque compositions. Our results showed coronary plaque types significantly associating with carotid plaque compositions. In particular, coronary mixed plaque might be may be effective classifiers of carotid plaque compositions, especially for carotid IPH.