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Abstract #0722

Layer-Specific Blood-Flow and BOLD FMRI of the Mouse Retina Associated with Hypoxic Challenge

Eric Raymond Muir1,2, Qiang Shen2, Timothy Q. Duong2

1Biomedical Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, GA, United States; 2Research Imaging Institute, Ophthalmology/Radiology, UT Health Science Center San Antonio, San Antonio, TX, United States

The retina has two separate blood supplies, the retinal and choroidal vessels, located on either side of the retina. We recently showed that MRI at 42x42 m can resolve layer-specific blood flow (BF) in both vascular layers, and the avascular layer in between in mice. In this study, we further developed this BF MRI technique to include inversion-recovery suppression of the vitreous and applied it to image layer-specific BF and BOLD changes during hypoxic challenge in mouse retinas. Basal BF and BF and BOLD responses to mild hypoxic challenge were markedly different between the retinal and choroidal vasculatures.