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Abstract #0765

Experimental Validation of SPAMM Tagged Magnetic Resonance Imaging Based Measurement of Non-Uniform 3D Soft Tissue Deformation

Kevin Mattheus Moerman1,2, Ciaran Knut Simms1, Andre M. J. Sprengers2, J. Stoker2, Aart J. Nederveen2

1Trinity Centre for Bioengineering, Trinity College Dublin, Dublin, Ireland; 2Radiology, Academic Medical Centre, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Analysis of human soft tissue motion and deformation is vital in diverse applications from constitutive modelling in biomechanics to the study of bowel motility. Post-processing Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) to derive soft tissue deformation challenging and requires validation. For this study a novel MRI sequence, based on SPAtial Modulation of the Magnetization (SPAMM) designed for real-time measurement of non-periodic movements was evaluated for its ability to measure 3D soft tissue deformation using marker tracking in a silicone gel phantom. The mean error of the SPAMM based non-invasive deformation measurement technique was found to be 0.75mm.