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Abstract #0767

Single Coil PILS Imaging Using Phase-Scrambling Fourier Transform Technique

Satoshi Ito1, Yoshifumi Yamada1

1Research Division of Intelligence and Information Sciences, Utsunomiya University, Utsunomiya, Tochigi, Japan

Parallel image reconstruction using local sensitivities (PILS) accelerate MR scan time by using multiple receiver coil in parallel scan time. We propose a novel imaging technique which is based on the PILS, but uses only a single set of signals. The signal obtained in the phase-scrambling Fourier Transform imaging (PSFT) can be transformed into the signal described by the Fresnel transform of the objects, in which alias-less images can be obtained by optionally scaling the object images. The reconstructed alias-less image has lower resolution than the original image which has aliasing artifact since aliasing is avoided by shrinking the image to fit in the given data size. In this paper, we propose PILS like reconstruction method which can improve the resolution of images by using the up-scaling of alias-less reconstruction and signal band extrapolation technique of PSFT signal.