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Abstract #0831

Regional Relations Within the Medial Meniscus of the Knee Joint - Assessed with DGEMRIC

Georg Scheurecker1,2, Marius Mayerhfer3, Katja Pinker3, Stephan Domayer4, Siegfried Trattnig1,3

1MR Centre of Excellence, Medical University Vienna, Vienna, Austria; 2CT/MRT Institut am Schillerpark, Linz, Upper Austria, Austria; 3Radiology, Medical University Vienna, Vienna, Austria; 4Orthopedic Surgery, Medical University Vienna, Vienna, Austria

A standard dGEMRIC protocol for the knee can be used to assess regional relations within the medial meniscus. We found statistically significant different relations of the red with the white zone and of the surface with the core area of the posterior horn between healthy volunteers versus patients after a cartilage repair surgery. This is most probably due to an adaption to different loading patterns of the meniscus in patients after Matrix-associated cartialge transplantation (MACT) versus healthy volunteers.