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Abstract #0865

Exercise-Induced Muscle Activities of the Trunk: Detectability of the Slight Impact Using Muscle Functional MRI

Noriyuki Tawara1, Osamu Nitta2, Hironobu Kuruma2, Mamoru Niitsu3, Atsuto Hoshikawa1, Toru Okuwaki1, Akiyoshi Itoh4

1Department of Sports Medicine, Japan Institute of Sports Sciences, Tokyo, Japan; 2Department of Physical Therapy, Tokyo Metropolitan University, Tokyo, Japan; 3Department of Radiological Sciences, Tokyo Metropolitan University, Tokyo, Japan; 4NIHON University, Chiba, Japan

Exercise-induced muscle activity is essential in sports medicine, especially for the trunk muscle. MRI can evaluate muscle activity; T2 of exercised muscle increases compared to that of rested muscle. Previous studies have proposed the muscle functional MRI (mfMRI), which visualizes muscle activity in enhanced activated muscle. However, the body parts that can be studied by mfMRI are limited to the limbs. In order to evaluate trunk muscle activity induced by exercise, we proposed and verified the feasibility of mfMRI using ultrafast imaging. This study evaluated the detectability of the slight impact on trunk muscle activity induced by acute exercises.