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Abstract #0895

Real-Time Imaging of the Temporomanibular Joint Motion Based on Golden Ratio Radial MRI

Andreas Johannes Hopfgartner1, Olga Tymofiyeva1, Philipp Ehses1, Kurt Rottner2, Julian Boldt2, Ernst-Jrgen Richter2, Peter Michael Jakob1

1Experimental Physics 5, University of Wrzburg, Wrzburg, Bavaria, Germany; 2Prosthodontics, Dental School, University of Wrzburg, Wrzburg, Bavaria, Germany

Static or pseudo-dynamic MRI of the TMJ does not allow for full analysis of the disc deformation and displacement during the mandibular motion. The purpose of this study was to develop a dynamic MRI technique for measurement of the TMJ with an arbitrary reconstruction window. The method uses a radial trajectory with a constant azimuthal profile spacing of 111.246. Two kinds of measurements were performed: opening and closing of the mouth and biting into a cooled chocolate-covered caramel. Reconstruction was performed with a sliding window method and a KWIC filter. The method is suitable for diagnosis and therapy planning.