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Abstract #0900

Is Human Glial TCA Cycle Rate Faster Than We Thought?

Napapon Sailasuta1, Brian D. Ross1,2

1Clinical MR Spectroscopy, Huntington Medical Research Institutes, Pasadena, CA, United States; 2Rudi Schulte Research Institute, Santa Barbara , CA, United States

13C MRS uniquely quantifies glutamine-glutamate cycle rate in either neurons or glia, driven by the substrate selection of their cellular membrane transporters. Glial metabolic rate is of increasing interest as the range of human neurological disorders which appears selective to glia (Alzheimers, MS; TBI; epilepsy) increases and as selective medications are designed to correct such abnormalities. 13C enrichment followed by localized 13C MRS detection of many specific products has provided valuable background. In a recent study we encountered a mismatch between prior metabolic models and a simplified method described here with a 5 10 fold difference in the measured rate.