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Abstract #0954

Improved Estimation of the Magnetic Nanoparticle Diameter with a Magnetic Particle Spectrometer and Combined Fields

Sven Biederer1, Tobias Knopp1, Timo Frederik Sattel1, Marlitt Erbe1, Thorsten M. Buzug1

1Institute of Medical Engineering, University of Luebeck, Luebeck, Germany

In Magnetic Particle Imaging the iron-core size distribution is a very important criterion for the imaging quality as well as for a model based reconstruction. An estimation of such a distribution is possible by using magnetization spectra of a Magnetic Particle Spectrometer. In this contribution a method is presented to improve the condition of the minimization problem. For this purpose offset fields are added to the sinusoidal excitation of the Magnetic Particle Spectrometer. This leads to a more stable and robust estimation of the iron-core size distribution.