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Abstract #0964

Inductively Coupled Reference Signal Injection Method for Quantitative MRI

Donghoon Lee1, Kenneth Marro1, Mark Mathis1, Cecil Hayes1

1University of Washington, Seattle, WA, United States

We report our efforts on continuous development of a synthetic signal injection method for metabolite quantification using MRS and MRI. This work demonstrates that calibrated synthetic voxels (instead of pseudo-FID: free induction decay), injected during or separately from real image acquisition, can be used to quantify metabolite content in real 19F image voxels. Images of vials containing different concentrations of sodium fluoride (NaF) were converted to units of moles by reference to precalibrated synthetically-injected voxels. Additional images of vials containing variable sodium chloride (NaCl) demonstrate that the quantification process is robust and immune to changes in coil loading conditions.