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Abstract #0966

Skewed Adiabatic Pulses for Outer Volume Suppression in Single Voxel Spectroscopy

Federico Giove1,2, Francesco Marcocci1, Fabrizio Fasano, 1,3, Mauro DiNuzzo1, Gisela E. Hagberg3, Bruno Maraviglia1,2

1Department of Physics, Sapienza University of Rome, Rome, RM, Italy; 2MARBILab, Enrico Fermi Center, Rome, RM, Italy; 3Neuroimaging Laboratory, Fondazione Santa Lucia IRCCS, Rome, RM, Italy

We developed an outer volume suppression approach for nulling the external signal in single voxel spectroscopy, based on trains of adiabatitic skewed selective pulse. The pulses shape allowed the saturation bands to be prescribed adjacent to the voxel, without loss of signal. The train was tested before STEAM and PRESS acquisition schemes at 3T, and showed excellent performaces both in vitro and in vivo, in particolar for the suppression of exravoxel lipids in the visual cortex. Optimal performances were observed with VAPOR water suppression and short TE STEAM, but the approach worked eqaully well before PRESS at intermediate (30ms) TE