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Abstract #1054

A Convertible Pneumatic Actuator for Brain and Phantom Elastography

Peter Latta1, Patricia Debergue2, Marco L.H. Gruwel1, Brendon Matwiy1, Uta Sboto-Frankenstein1, Boguslaw Tomanek1

1MRTechnology, NRC-CNRC Institute for Biodiagnostics, Winnipeg, MB, Canada; 2NRC-CNRC Industrial Materials Institute, Boucherville, QC, Canada

We preset a convertible pneumatic actuator design to generate vibration for MRE experiments. The experimental results on both phantoms and volunteers showed that the actuator produces suitable shear waves for the calculation of viscoelastic properties of tissues and materials in the frequency range of 25-150Hz. The unique feature of our design is its flexibility and ease of use.