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Abstract #1176

The Dependency of Age-Related Change of Brain Activation on the Visual Stimuli - Demand-Reservation Balance

Toshiharu Nakai1, Makoto Miyakoshi1, Epifanio Bagarinao1, Masaki Yoshida2, Chikako Nakai3, Kayako Matsuo4

1Functional Brain Imaging Lab, National Center for Geriatrics and Gerontology, Ohbu, Aichi, Japan; 2Ophthalmology, The Jikei University, Tokyo, Japan; 3School of Health Sciences, Toyoshashi Sozo University, Toyohashi, Aichi; 4Psychology, National Taiwan University, Taipei, Taiwan

We evaluated the effect task demand for visual processing on the age-related change of the brain activation in healthy subjects. In the elderly subjects, the % HRF in V1 was reduced by the flickering checkerboard stimuli. By a visuo-motor translation task the % HRF in BA19/7/39 was increased in the elderly, while no significant difference of % HRF was detected between the two age groups in V1. HRF analysis suggested that age-related change of % HRF may depend on the existence of neuronal network to compensate the potential functional decline according to aging.