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Abstract #1290

Myocardial T1-Mapping in Chronic Myocardial Infarction: Results of Unenhanced and Contrast Enhanced MR Imaging Using Gadobutrol

Kerstin Ulrike Bauner1, Andreas Biffar2, Daniel Theisen1, Torleif Sandner1, Andreas Greiser3, Maximilian F. Reiser1, Bernd Wintersperger1

1Department of Clinical Radiology, LMU Munich - Campus Grosshadern, Munich, Germany; 2Josef Lissner Laboratory for Biomedical Imaging, LMU Munich - Campus Grosshadern, Munich; 3Siemens medical solutions

At a given field strength tissues present with specific T1-values. We hypothesize, that infarcted myocardial tissue can be delineated from normal myocardium by means of T1-maps in unenhanced and contrast-enhanced (Gadobutrol) scans. Analysis of T1-values was performed for normal myocardium (MYO), infarcted myocardium (CMI) and the left ventricular cavity (LVC). In addition T1-ratios of MYO/LVC and CMI/LVC were calculated. T1-values of MYO and CMI and the calculated ratios of MYO/LVC and CMI/LVC were significantly differenent in pre-contrast and post-contrast scans. MR-measurements of T1-values with the LVC as a reference allow for a differentiation of infarcted areas from normal myocardial tissue.