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Abstract #1296

Cardiac Magnetic Resonance and Dual-Source CT Detect Lipomatous Metaplasia of Left Ventricle in Chronic Myocardial Infarction

Yue Zang1, Jie Zhou2, Jian Wu3, Zhao Qi Zhang

1Beijing Anzhen Hospital, Beijing, China; 2Beijing Anzhen Hospital, China; 3Beijing people's hospital of Peking University

we use cardiac magnetic resonance (CMR) and dual-source CT to detect fatty tissue to confirm the morphologic change. 8 Of the 11 patients with lipomatous metaplasia were identified by CMR(72.7%); In 5 cases (62.5%), the thickness of the fatty tissue less than half of the scar. 1.5T cine- CMR showed wall thinner and akinesia or hypokinesia. Non-contrast black-blood T1-weighted spin echo images revealed a high signal with dramatic signal decay after fat saturation indicating the presence of intramyocardial fat. CT plan scan and coronary CT showed hypodensity from -56 to -113 HUin the myocardium, the location and extent consistent with CMR findings.