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Abstract #1332

Evaluation of Different Techniques for Measuring Pulse Wave Velocity Using 3 Tesla MRI

Elsayed H. Ibrahim1, Kevin R. Johnson1, Jean M. Shaffer1, Richard D. White1

1University of Florida, College of Medicine, Jacksonville, FL, United States

Arterial stiffness can be noninvasively estimated by measuring pulse wave velocity(PWV) from velocity-encoded MR images using different methods: transit-time(TT), flow-area(QA), and cross-correlation(XC). However, the reproducibility and comparison of these different techniques have not yet been studied in a large diverse group of patients for relative durability and reproducibility, especially at 3T field. In this work, the aortic PWV is measured in 50 patients, representing a wide range of cardiovascular conditions, to assess inter-observer, intra-observer, inter-scan, and inter-method variabilities using 3T MRI. The TT method resulted in the most-reproducible measurements and required the shortest processing-time, followed by XC and QA.