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Abstract #1336

Accuracy and Repeatability of Fourier Velocity Encoded M-Mode and 2D Cine Phase Contrast for Pulse Wave Velocity Measurement in the Descending Aorta

Valentina Taviani1, Andrew James Patterson1, Martin J. Graves1, Christopher J. Hardy2, Pauline W. Worters3, Michael P. Sutcliffe4, Jonathan Harvey Gillard1

1Department of Radiology, University of Cambridge, Addenbrooke's Hospital, Cambridge, United Kingdom; 2GE Global Research, Niskayuna, NY, United States; 3Department of Radiology, Stanford University, Lucas Center, Stanford, CA, United States; 4Department of Engineering, University of Cambridge, Cambridge, United Kingdom

Accuracy and repeatability of pulse wave velocities (PWVs) obtained from Fourier velocity encoded (FVE) M-mode and 2D phase contrast (PC) with through-plane velocity encoding were investigated using five different analysis techniques. Accuracy was tested on a tubular human-tissue-mimicking phantom integrated into a flow simulator. The gold standard was obtained from the Moens-Korteweg equation after measurement of the tube elastic modulus by uniaxial tensile testing. Repeatability was evaluated across three MR visits. Similarly accurate results were obtained with the two MR techniques, provided the optimal algorithm was used. M-mode PWVs were more repeatable than PC PWVs, regardless of the analysis technique.